This is the checklist for a typical race day

6:00AM Wake up!

Install sunscreen (SPF 30+)Make breakfast and lunchGet ice6:10AM Send out array team

Set up array (collect and charge battery at 7:00AM)6:30AM Bulk of team arrives at track

Bring breakfast for array team7:00AM at track

Start battery chargingRotate array teamPrepare vehicle*Check welds

    • Front suspension
    • Rear suspension
    • Roll cage
  • Check all fasteners on inspection list
  • Check steering linkages
  • Change out car radio batteries
  • Assign rotations for array care (Follow the sun, make sure it doesn't fall over)
  • Install ballast for driver
  • Fill driver camelback
  • Locate driver helmet and place in vehicle
  • Install fresh aux packs

8:30AM Set up race pit (Checklist)

  • Water
  • Slimfasts
  • Ice
  • Webcam
  • Tire change kit
  • Spare tires
  • Spare wheels with pre-infated tires
  • Digital multimeter
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Telemetry computer
  • Telemetry radio
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Canopy (if no wind)
  • Array sprayer (deionized/distilled water)
  • Saw horses
  • Tool kit
    • Box wrenches
    • Screwdriver
    • Wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Gorilla tape
    • etc
  • Spare electronic components
    • body control module processor
    • fuses
    • spare LEDs
    • etc
  • Spare aux packs
  • Aux pack chargers
  • Power strip
  • Extension cord (100 ft)

8:40AM Verification (Checklist)

  • Verify horn, blinkers, and motor
  • Verify radio communications and telemetry
  • Verify throttle works

8:50AM Final checks (Checklist)

  • Switch out aux packs
  • Install array
  • Install driver
  • Move vehicle to start line
  • Verify driver communication
  • Move lap counter to pit area

9:00AM Start Rayce

Verify communications at all times
Pay attention to lap times, make sure they are consistent
Have ballast, helmet, and camelback ready for next driver
Help other teams in need
Eat food/Slimfast
Driver swap
  • Check tires
  • Check welds and fasteners
    • Front suspension
    • Rear suspension
    • Steering
  • Change aux packs (Charge at 3 amps, verify thermal couple)
Tire change
  • Swap tires
  • Sand rim

4:45PM Array team prepare array stand pointed towards sun

5:00PM End of race day (Checklist)

  • Send out shopping crew
  • Check tires
  • Change/charge aux packs
  • Check welds and fasteners
  • Check rear break pad
  • Vacuum car
  • Test horn, blinkers
  • Turn off all radios
  • Spray/wipe down array
  • Put tools away, organize trailer
  • Remove trash, install new trashbags
  • sweep/vacuum trailer
  • Eat food (slimfast minimum)
  • Have entire team do visual inspection of vehicle, top and bottom
  • Music/showoff!

7:50PM Impound

Bring out impound box

Verify official is present

8:01PM After impound

Remove aux packs and charge

Strap car to trailer

Verify all tools, equipment, personal belongings (phone, keys, wallet)

Back at lodging

Stagger showers

Continue charging aux packs

Verify all cell phones and laptops are charging

Feed people

Do laundry

Update website/facebook/twitter

10:00PM Lights out