The Phoenix is run by a Windows 7 desktop computer which collects data from our Battery Control Module and Motor Controller via CANbus.  The Body Control Module interfaces with our computer and controls mainly vehicle lighting.  The driver views pertinent data and controls the car via a touchscreen mounted on the steering wheel.  The windows computer hosts a telemetry site that tracks and displays pertinent vehicle data such as array input, vehicle output, battery state of charge (SOC), GPS coordinates, and auxiliary pack voltage.  Communication between the car and crew is facilitated by either a pair of Ethernet radios or a 3G cellular data connection.  


Generously donated by Luxeon Star LEDs

Headlights: Luxeon 20mm cool white Reble Star LEDs

Taillights: Luxeon red Reble LEDs

Blinkers: Luxeon amber reble LEDs

Drivers: 700 mA Dimmable FlexBlock DC Driver

High VoltageEdit



Current Sense BoardEdit

  • 1x Current sensor - ACS713T
  • 1x Voltage regulator - TL780
  • 3x Capacitors - .001mF, .01mF, .01mF

Relay Control BoardEdit

Array ContactorEdit

DC-DC ConvertersEdit

Low VoltageEdit

Main Power HubEdit

Body Control ModuleEdit