CAN Power ModuleEdit

Allows the central computer to communicate with the rest of the car.  The board will have 34 female headers to plug in an Arduino Micro and be capable of switching 12V via a relay.  Each board will be equipped with a fuse, MOV, and current sensor for troubleshooting and protection purposes as well as a series of switches used to select the board's CAN address.

Additionally, the board will have a set of 29 female headers connected to the Arduino Micro's pins.  These headers can be used to plug the board into other boards on the vehicle.


File:DipTrace Schematic - CAN power module.pdf

Array ControlEdit

Controls and monitors the MPPTs.  Relays will determine whether or not the MPPTs are enabled.  Multiple current sensors will monitor the current of each sub-array independently.  The array control board will connect to the main computer via a CAN board with attachment.


File:DipTrace PCB - array.pdf

Power DistributionEdit

Will serve as the power and command distribution center.  Commands from the tablet will be sent through this board to the rest of the network and power from the DC-DC converters will be distributed through this board.

Battery Management SystemEdit